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Air Ambulance Services Istanbul

In order to get Istanbul air ambulance services you can get in touch with our company whenever you wish to. 7/24 mobile support line would be answering your questions as well as giving you more information about the prices. We are at your service both in Ataturk and Sabiha Gokcen airports. Plures is a prominent company that can give you in or out of Istanbul air medical evacuation services in the companion of Doctors either through private aircrafts or scheduled flights of other airlines.

24/7 Air Ambulance

Plures urgent air ambulance service works full time 24 hours 7 days.

Easy Communication

You can have service from our company easily.

International Services

Plures offers service internationally.

Quick Solution

Jet ambulance air chartering is one of the services provided by Plures Air.

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Private Plane Charter Services

Istanbul Air Ambulance

You can access to Istanbul air ambulance service 24/7 with Plures.

Besides private air ambulance based in Istanbul, we also offer air medical evacuation and aircraft charter services. You can also call our company for plane ticket or air shipping services.

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Medical Evacuation

You can have Istanbul air medical evacuation services 24/7.

Plures is company that offers Istanbul based air ambulance charter services, and medical evacuation from Istanbul. We provide your patients to arrive at the city or hospital you want with our private air ambulance or scheduled airlines.

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Private Jet Charter

View our private jet charter services for crowded groups, private tours or company personnel.

If you want to have private jet charter services for your Istanbul trip, you can call our support line without wasting time, have information, and demand price offers.

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Aircraft Charter

We offer private aircraft charter for your precious, big or immediate shipments.

Plures is an air cargo company and an IATA member. For small, international cargo shipping such as documents or package, you can call our company.

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Air Freight

Plures is an IATA member and an authorized company to perform international air cargo transportation.

Contact with our company for Istanbul based air cargo services. Our company carries out international air transportation. You can contact us for information and price offers anytime you want.

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Know About Air Ambulance Istanbul


7/24 Rental Service

+90533 502 49 01

With its center office in Istanbul, Plures offers you international air ambulance chartering services. If you would like to get air medical evacuation services in or out of Istanbul you can get in touch with our company 7/24. Please reach us from mobile support line to get air ambulance chartering services or medical evacuation services in the companion of doctors through scheduled flights in Istanbul.

Why Plures?

Plures Air Ambulance

Plures is world wide known brand for air ambulance chartering and medical evacuation operations. Its international experience as well as services at harsh environments increases its prominence.


Plures's center office is in Istanbul. By the advantage of being centered in Istanbul it is at your service non stop, 7/24. Please reach our mobile support line in order to get services for your aviation needs.


Plures is able to satisfy all of your aviation needs. Other than aircraft chartering services we offer you tourism, air cargo transportation and ticket sale services.

Fly With Plures

In order to fly or send a cargo you simply need to get in touch with Plures. We are at your service 7/24 for flight tickets as well as private aircraft chartering services.

Live Support

Contact with us for Istanbul based air ambulance, private jet charter, plane ticket or air cargo shipping.

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